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Digestion problems

Distressing abdominal pains classically begin within the first few weeks of birth and usually but not always clear within three to four months. Cranial osteopathy is effective at releasing distortions within the base of the skull and neck tensions which can irritate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is an important nerve supply to the digestive system which when irritated can manifest in symptoms.



This is restless poor quality sleep with the child often waking tired and unrefreshed. It may persist well past the second year of life. Usually it is found to be caused by varying tensions within the head and trunk making it impossible for the child to find comfort through the night.


Ear problems

Fluid can collect behind the ear drum due to poor inadequate drainage from the Eustachian tubes. As a result sound transmission becomes dampened causing hearing loss. This fluid may or may not become infected. Any resulting hearing loss can cause it’s own cascade of problems with developmental delay, falling behind in early formative school years, dislike of schooling and behavioural problems. Releasing temporal skull bones restrictions is often very effective at freeing blockages and restrictions within the Eustachian tubes.


Growing Pains

These pains, almost always in the legs, usually occur during sleep, causing the child to wake. At other times they may occur towards the end of day. Despite being called growing pains, these pains are almost definitely associated with increased physical activity during the child’s day. Osteopathy is very effective at removing the knots and tightness found in the affected muscles. In doing so osteopathy improves the blood circulation to the affected muscles and relieves these growing pains.


Poor Posture

Correcting poor postural habits is essential in preventing muscle and joint problems which may occur in children. These problems may only appear in adult life when the habits are much harder to change and the tissues have been quietly irritated for many years. Some common causes of poor posture in the growing child are school shoulder bags, bags filled with heavy books, carrying large musical instruments, difficulty adapting to developmental changes and their sometimes floppy social adolescent postures.


Cranial osteopathy is effective at realigning these poor postural developments and treating injuries which have resulted. Postural advice given will also self enable the child or young adult with essential and good advice to carry through into their adult life.



Facial and jaw pains caused by teeth grinding, or pains and a jaw clicking caused by bite imbalances, which can be caused for example by missing teeth, are two dental examples which respond very well to cranial osteopathy. A visit to the dentist may also be advised. Jaw joints and muscle tensions are addressed, not only to ease the discomforts and pains, but also to balance and encourage natural and healthy movement of the jaw joint.





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