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Many patients present with injuries caused by mechanical wear, tear, and irritations of everyday life. Such causes may be related to one's work or out of activities. Occasionally, the injury may be caused by a one off event. Causes can range from heavy labouring work to sedate office jobs, rugby to riverbank fishing, rising from a chair, D.I.Y., gardening, general house duties, watching TV, socialising, playing a musical instrument.



Commonly treated are:


back, neck and shoulder pains


tension headaches and migraines

spinal disc related pains



Below is a slightly more extensive list of conditions treated by osteopaths, roughly listed from head to toe:


arthritic pains

muscle injuries and spasms

trapped nerve pains

jaw pains

whiplash injuries

shoulder injuries

arm nerve pains

tennis elbow

golfers elbow

RSI injuries, (common in for example in wrists & shoulders) 

rib injuries

back pains (neck to low back)

spinal disc injuries

sciatic leg pains

hip injuries

knee injuries

ankle sprains

foot injuries


post operative recovery

post traumatic recovery, for example after bone fractures or soft tissue injuries





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